Internship Application

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Internship Description 

The Trafalgar Group has an internship program allowing interns the option to work remotely or locally in our offices. Trafalgar interns will have the opportunity to complete an unpaid (if needed for academic credit) or paid internship. 

An internship with Trafalgar is a great opportunity for those studying political science, statistics, marketing, history, broadcast or print journalism, strategic communication, or public relations. This internship can provide in-depth experiential learning about political strategy, communication, and professional organization. Over the duration of the internship, interns will gain invaluable experience that can jumpstart a career in any area of politics or help to master skills used in many other industries. Any given day or week will provide multiple projects and opportunities to expand an applicant’s skillset, network, and future career path. 

Interning at Trafalgar may include:

Work on Political and/or marketing surveys:

  • Drafting of questionnaires 
  • Selecting, categorizing, and filing databases of survey recipients 
  • Distributing and overseeing the status of an ongoing surveys
  • Collecting, aggregating, and processing survey results
  • Researching and calculating expected voter turnout
  • Applying statistical principles when processing results
  • Producing survey result reports for media publication

Interacting with global, national, state or local traditional and digital news media organizations:

  • Sending and following up on news releases
  • Posting and updating social media accounts
  • Setting up in-office live and recorded news media appearances
  • Organizing in-studio media appearances

Assisting in client service and recruitment:

  • Setting up and participating in phone or video call/conference calls 
  • Traveling nationally and internationally and/or arranging such travel
  • Helping with day-to-day operations in and related to the office

Additional Benefits of a Trafalgar Internship:

  • Competitive pay
  • Assistance in getting school credit
  • Covered out-of-town travel (including TSA pre-check and global entry status) 
  • Opportunities to meet top political and business leaders
  • Access to company Braves and Falcons Club tickets

Ideal applicants should be:

  • Capable of managing multiple tasks and projects at a time
  • Able to complete tasks efficiently, even if on tight deadlines without constant direct supervision
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel, Word, and Powerpoint

Competitive applicants will be:

  • Skilled at editing text for grammar, spelling, and meaning
  • Literate in statistical and applied math principles such as basic arithmetic, proportions, margin of error, and population distribution
  • Experienced in or able to learn web-based data management and distribution systems

Note: Much of our business requires great discretion. Applicants must be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement and be aware that we may research their criminal and online history.

Internship Application

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