Polling Methodology

The Trafalgar Group delivers our polling questionnaires utilizing a mix of six different methods: 

  • Live callers
  • Integrated voice response
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Digital dial back interface
  • Online targeted opt-in digital survey platforms

We utilize short questionnaires of nine questions or less based on our perceptions about attenuated attention spans and the need to “accommodate modern busy lifestyles.” Our polls last one to three minutes and are designed to quickly get opinions from those who would not typically participate in political polls.

We have also pioneered methods to accommodate the “Social Desirability Bias.” This allows us to obtain a poll participant’s true feelings in situations where we believe some individuals are not likely to reveal their actual preferences. 

Our approach to polling is markedly different from most of the industry. We believe the old system of delivering 20 or more questions via live phone interviews doesn’t fit the modern world. This old system skews toward people who have strong ideology and/or opinions and even worse, those who are bored and looking for someone to talk to. It also fails to address the growing number of people who refuse to share their honest opinion and the new trend of people who refuse to participate or intentionally give false answers because they question who is asking and why.