On October 21, 1805, British Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson defeated the Franco-Spanish Navy in the Battle of Trafalgar. Despite being undermanned (27 ships vs 33 ship), the British Navy prevailed losing no ships while opposition lost a staggering 22 ships.

And that is why The Trafalgar Group follows the Lesson in Trafalgar. Superior strategy, innovative tactics and bold leadership can prevail, even over larger numbers, greater resources, and conventional wisdom.

We are battle-tested with a combined 50+ years and 200+ campaigns of experience from local to national levels of campaign strategy. We are fiercely devoted to our clients, winning, and making sure we have a prosperous nation for years to come.

Our experience includes campaigns from the local to national level, PAC and political organization strategy, corporate public relations, and presidential debate and major event strategy. We also regularly participate in campaign and corporate strategy seminars.